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How to use flavors in eliquids


Our flavors are pretty concentrated and we suggest as start dosage of 1% up to 2-3%.
The best way to make trial e juice is as follow:

Get hand on a 5 ml dropper bottle, fill it with plain e juice of any given strength, and add 3 drops of any of our flavors. This roughly means 1% of flavor as a drop is more or less 0.02 ml . You can start to evaluate and increase up to your expectations.

Our tobacco flavors are indeed quite different from many, if not all the other on the market and have been developed to resemble cigarette smoke. If overdosed, the results are pretty unsatisfactory as it seems you have eaten an ashtray. Al the subtle differences amongst them ( cocoa, hay, honey, woody and so on) disappear when overdosed, and the background note overcome all the others.

Dosage play a significant role and we know that taste differs quite a lot from country to country. Let alone amongst people. We gather informations from users all around the world, and comments and dosage differ quite a lot. We have record of the same flavor judged satisfactorily at 2% for some people and 20% for others !!

We kindly ask you to taste as described ( start low ) and do not taste them all in one run. This is one of typical mistakes people can do when evaluating flavors (or food).
Apart the right dosage issue ( if any) all day long trials can not work as you simply fool your taste buds and nose. Just keep in mind that repeated tasting session weaken taste, and saturate senses.
Best thing to do is to take 1 flavor per day, mix from low point as described above ( 3 drops for 5 ml ejuice), vape it quietly along the day, in different hours with different moods. Adjust dosage if needed. Taste it in different devices.

At the end of the day you'll know if you like or not.

Make small batches, so if you do like a flavor, you do not waste too much product (and money).

It is a trial and error procedure, and probably you'll end up make your own mix.

We produce 3 different e juice bases.

Traditional - Made with PG 50% + 40% VG and 10% deionized water. It is a good combination of vapure, fullness, sweetness.

Velvet cloud - 80% VG + 20% deionized water. Sweeter than all others, more vapure, more full on inhaling.

Ice blade - 90% PG + 10% deionized water. More dry and with less vapure than all the others.


Even though e cigs are NOT devices used to stop smoking, often people wonder how they compare each other.

An E cig cartridge can be filled with an average of 0,25 ml (10-12 drops). If the E juice used is of 18 mg nicotine, this means that a full cartridge will contain 4-5 mg nicotine.

Considering that an average real cigarette contains 0-8-1 mg nicotine, this means that the above e cig cartridge example will offer the equivalent of 4-6 real cigarettes.

Of course if Ejuice used is higher or lower in nicotine content, the ratio will be different.
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