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Ecigs and safety


Vape is safer than smoking ?

As for something that is completely safe, we are afraid no one will ever get that assurance, as Nicotine itself is also poison. As a species, we were simply not designed to inhale smoke or nicotine as a vapour either. Period.

The best that can hoped for is harm reduction. With all due respect, if you wish to be completely safe, we can only advise that you stop imbibing Nicotine. As for the flavours you are inhaling, the majority of water soluble variants contain 90% plus carrier (comprised of PG, VG, and sometimes some water), so the amount you are physically inhaling is relatively minute in comparison to the primary constituents (e.g. PG, VG).

Suffice to say, some authorities were looking for an excuse to ban the e-cig and you would have thought that they would have jumped on the flavours if they were a major cause for concern. If you read their report, what they did pick up on (although they failed to disclose at what levels) were tobacco-specific nitrosamines... These come from the tobacco plant itself, which is how the Nicotine is obtained.

Having sat down and did the maths... if you vaped as much as 5ml of e-liquid a day with flavour added at as much as 5%, you'd be inhaling (at most) 25mg of flavour constituents per day, assuming that the flavour is actually only 10% and the rest is carrier (and also assuming densities of 1gm per ml). In terms of "tar", using cigarettes as a term of reference; that's the same amount of residue as is produced by 2 light cigarette. With the cigarette, though, you get the added Brucie-bonus of roughly the same quantity in carbon monoxide. For arguments sake, two regular strength cigarettes will fill you with at least 25mgs of crud your body could do without. If you were an heavy smoker, the amounts of these materials would be sizeably more. Because the flavours are a liquid / vapour, they at least have the chance of being metabolised eventually; the tar in cigarettes can not, they simply fester.

Vaporisation is not the same as combustion. In terms of coming into contact with the heating element, it has to be remembered that the liquid has a dampening effect and, whilst crud is produced, it is very much at a local level. Most of this ends up in the wick and the atomiser... hence the need for frequent replacements! The water has a dampening effect on reducing overall temperature. It also explains why an atomiser lasts weeks and not minutes.
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